Cloud Servers

Rack Housing

You can safely house your critical hardware in our datacenter to ensure that your hardware is always supplied with power, internet, cooling and security.

Private rack housing
Quarter rack
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Half rack
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Full rack
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Rackspace 10U/HE 20U/HE 46U/HE
Power included
Power included 2A 2A 2A
  Maximum power usage
Maximum power usage 4A 8A 16A / 32A
  Realtime network stats
Realtime network stats
  Reverse DNS
Reverse DNS
  Redundant network uplink
Redundant network uplink 1G 1G 10G
  Included bandwidth
Included bandwidth 500Mbit 95% 1Gbit 95% 2.5Gbit 95%
  Included IPv4 addresses ?
Included IPv4 addresses ? /29 /29 /29
  Included IPv6 addresses ?
Included IPv6 addresses ? /64 /64 /64
  DDoS protected service ?
DDoS protected service ?
rapit delivery

Always access

With your own key-card you have 24/7/365 access to your hardware at our secured datacenters.


Yes when renting a shared half or quarter rack. No if you have a private full rack.

Yes you can, we can announce your subnet for you or you can use our Transit services, where you run your own router(s).

Rack Housing comes with 8 dedicated IPv4 addressess.

You can purchase additional IP addresses for € 1.80 per IP per month. You can also let us announce your own IP space and/or ASN.

Pricing for bigger subnets:

  • /27 IPv4 subnet = 32 IP's at € 35/mo
  • /26 IPv4 subnet = 64 IP's at € 70/mo
  • /25 IPv4 subnet = 128 IP's at € 180/mo

Yes you can, with your own key-card you have 24/7/365 access to your hardware.

You can buy extra power per 1A.

Extra power usage:

  • 1.0A at € 75/mo